Cyber Course

In recent years, the field of cyber and information security has undergone a tremendous leap in both attack and defense capabilities and media coverage. The so-called “weapon of the future”, the “profession of the future” is already here and you have the opportunity to enter the most challenging and profitable field today in the high-tech world and secure a career in a field that only grows moment by moment, especially with the special track at Ecom School.

262 academic hours

CISCO certification

קורס שיווק דיגיטלי - מכללת איקום

This course includes job placement

Special certification

Includes an entrance exam

Average wages in the industry USD 17,000-22,000

Course is included in digital lessons (On Ecom School’s social network)

Why should I learn Cyber?

In the integrated cyber course at Ikum College, under the authority of the Ministry of Defense, and with an international certification of ISO9001. You will get all the tools to be a cyber and information security person from the leaders in the market! During the course, our best lecturers and experts will present all the findings they have found throughout their careers, focus on the student and develop creative thinking for the purpose of resilience tests. This way the student will get to see how a resilience test is performed by an expert in the field, all studies include support staff at all hours of the day, practice labs and a VOD system that knows the student and will come to him.

Attendance - 10% of the final grade
Mid-term exam - 30% of the final grade
Final project - 60% of the final grade

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