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Ecom School is proud to be the College of Digital and High Tech Professions and the first to study Internet Entrepreneurship in the Ministry of Education curriculum database, and is recognized by CISCO. We are available online and offline 24/7 for professional and trusted information from the top professionals in digital and high-tech. It’s time to get to know the future, in the present. Let’s see some more .. What do you say? Scroll down a bit 🙂

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Ecom School is proud to be the first digital and high-tech college for online entrepreneurship studies in the Ministry of Education’s curriculum database and under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense. Ecom School works to change the consciousness of education, and to develop innovative learning spaces. We are available to you online and offline 7/24 for professional and reliable information from the best professionals in the fields of digital and advanced high-tech, with all the innovations and updates in real time and a live and available answer on our exclusive social network.

You can enjoy our central place which combines the variety of the college’s premium courses. It’s time to get to know the community of the future isn’t it?

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What We Offer To Your Knowledge

4K Live Broadcasts

Ecom school provides an extensive social network that updates thousands of lessons that are open for viewing from any computer or mobile. At the same time, a personal VOD system just for you, support people are available ONLINE and OFFLINE at any given time and a variety of other extensive options just for you.

Social Network

Academic social network, The first academic social network Worldwide which has over 500 updated digital lessons, personal profile, live chat with instructors, support people, dating with students in the universe, opportunities area, focused forums on high-tech and digital, a huge portal, VOD system and more. 

ISO 9001 Standard Mark

Ecom School is approved according to the prestigious and international standard mark ISO9001. Ecom is the only college in Israel that has received international recognition that recognizes its lecturers, its live systems, and its unique form of learning, all in 4K broadcast resolution. ISO 9001 is an international standard that deals with the management of the organization’s quality, this standard refers to the management processes in the organization and the way in which customer requirements are managed throughout.

Recognition by Cisco

Ecom School is accredited by the World Academy of Cisco, offering a variety of courses. Which include an exam that ends with a certificate from Cisco.

Recognition by the Ministry of Defense

Cyber Course

A penetration test known as a PT is a complex process performed by a hacker to check if the company’s applications and services are vulnerable to a security flaw. Penetration testing is a very important process for organizations in Israel and around the world and is performed by a skilled hacker who uses the same methods that the malicious hacker will use to find out if it can harm the company’s applications, websites or infrastructure.

Our Courses


In recent years, the field of cyber and information security has undergone a tremendous leap in both attack and defense capabilities and media coverage. The so-called “weapon of the future”, the “profession of the future” is already here and you have the opportunity to enter the most challenging and profitable field today in the high-tech world and secure a career in a field that only grows moment by moment, especially with the special track at Ecom School.


A full stack developer is a software developer, a programmer, who controls a wide range of technologies so that he is able to develop an entire application or an entire WEB site according to the specifications of the UI-UX people. There is no academic degree in the subject. Has taken root quite a bit in recent years. Many high-tech people and almost every recruit in the field are familiar with the concept and use it. For example, in this month’s search on a leading website, in the software-> Full Stack category, 1540 “Full Stack” jobs were found.


During QA studies you will learn different and varied topics that aim to train you as QA people; Among other things, you will learn to work with Database, get to know different test tools for Web and Mobile, learn how to analyze characterization documents, disassemble the product and write test scenarios, understand how to document bugs and analyze logs and finally, go through different simulations during which you apply the tools you have learned. Tools for the job market in a practical and immediate way.

Multi Talent

The “Multi-Talent” integrated course provides the tools, in-depth techniques and practical experience required for integration into the media management, digital and marketing professions in the online arena. Acquisition of extensive knowledge in the fields of marketing in all the various media fields, including: building websites on various platforms, marketing on social networks, organic and sponsored search engine optimization, methodologies for analyzing and segmenting target audiences, consumer psychology and marketing writing.

Our Great Staff

Yakov tzedek

Social Network

Ben gor levi


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Natali rogel


Our Graduates Say...


The course was good and the way the questions were made was remarkable. It covers the questions generally we may face during interviews and the nice part in this course was the kind of explanation shows the way how to answer them in interviews. At the end of this course, it really boosts up your confidence. Thank you once again ecomschool
“QA” course
If you are new to Digital Marketing, this is the course you are looking for. ecomschool has shared some of the valuable information in this video which is very important for a Digital Marketer. I doubt if there is any other course available online, which covers all that is available in this coures
“Multi Talent” course
The course was well explained and simplified for beginners like me providing indepth information with visual examples and step by step teaching. The tons of resources were very helpful. It is a good course for anyone who wants to step into the cyber security field & can also help anyone who is interested in knowing how to stay safe on the internet and from Cyber attacks. I have learned a lot from this one course and looking forward to the next 3 parts. Good job ecom!!....keep up the good work
“CYBER” course
The content is clearly outlined, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and scope of the work well defined.
“Multi Talent” course
It has given me a wonderful understanding of the fundamental before going into the more advanced sections of security.
“CYBER” course
The teaching was very good and I learned a lot from the school. the modules are good and it was very simple to understand all modules.
“QA” course

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