The College of Online and High Tech Professions.

Ecom School is proud to be the College of Digital and High Tech Professions and the first to study Internet Entrepreneurship in the Ministry of Education curriculum database, and is recognized by CISCO. We are available online and offline 24/7 for professional and trusted information from the top professionals in digital and high-tech, with all real-time innovations and updates and live and response on our exclusive social network or in one of our transparent urban classrooms located around the world. And in addition to the urban classrooms, you can enjoy our central location where the whole range of the college’s premium courses is available. It’s time to get to know the future, in the present. . Let’s see some more .. What do you say? Scroll down a bit 🙂

A Range of Specialist Courses Taught By The Top Professionals in The Field:

A variety of premium courses in collaboration with CISCO:
App Development, Information Security, Network Management, Illustration, Coding PHP ,PYTHON, ANGULAR, MYSQL, Web Design UX/UI. And more…
Specialist courses (Ministry of Education study program):
Web Development, Media Managers, Search Engines, Marketing Writing and more…
Integrated course (Multi-Talent): Ecom’s School’s most in-demand course
PPC – Google (Paid search engine promotion).
SEO – (Organic search engine promotion).
Facebook Ads – Paid promotion on Facebook (social media and advertising managers).
WordPress – Website building with the WordPress system.
And 10 other topics studied on the during the integrated course: Marketing Content, Dropshipping, Consumer Psychology, Affiliate Marketing and Lead Marketing, Instagram, LinkedIn, Taboola, Brand Management, Internet Business Management.
To read the entire syllabus of the “Multi-Talent” integrated course, continue to the syllabus page.

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What We Offer To Your Knowledge

Social Network

Over 300 and growing up-to-date digital lessons, personal profile, live chat with instructors, get  acquainted with other Ecom students, targeted forums, a huge portal and more.

Live Room

Instead of taking one big place with lots of classrooms (boring and crowded), we took a lot of classrooms, made them look like coffee shops, and scattered them around the country… For an empowering and unique learning experience

Education Ministry

The Ecom School curriculum is part of the Ministry of Education’s approved curriculum database. Ecom School provides a badge of quality and a unique concept.


Graduates of Ecom School’s premium courses are awarded a Cisco certificate and job placement in the cyber sector. * Includes preparation for exam and submission of a work project and practical work.

Our Courses


In this course, you will learn thoroughly how Penetration Testing is conducted with an emphasis on Linux and Python. You will develop websites and applications, submit Penetration Tests reports that will be checked by experts in the field.

Artificial Intelligent

The full syllabus is waiting for you inside. So what are you waiting for 


The full syllabus is waiting for you inside. So what are you waiting for 

Multi Talent

The combined course “multi-talent” provides tools, profound technics, and practical experience that are needed to integrate into media management and digital marketing in the online arena

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Our Great Staff

Yakov tzedek

Social Network

Ben gor levi


Henry Boaziz




Omer kalif


Natali rogel


Our Graduates Say...

The course was good and the way the questions were made was remarkable. It covers the questions generally we may face during interviews and the nice part in this course was the kind of explanation shows the way how to answer them in interviews. At the end of this course, it really boosts up your confidence. Thank you once again ecomschool

“QA” course

If you are new to Digital Marketing, this is the course you are looking for. ecomschool has shared some of the valuable information in this video which is very important for a Digital Marketer. I doubt if there is any other course available online, which covers all that is available in this coures

“Multi Talent” course

The course was well explained and simplified for beginners like me providing indepth information with visual examples and step by step teaching. The tons of resources were very helpful. It is a good course for anyone who wants to step into the cyber security field & can also help anyone who is interested in knowing how to stay safe on the internet and from Cyber attacks. I have learned a lot from this one course and looking forward to the next 3 parts. Good job ecom!!....keep up the good work

“CYBER” course

The content is clearly outlined, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and scope of the work well defined.

“Multi Talent” course

It has given me a wonderful understanding of the fundamental before going into the more advanced sections of security.

“CYBER” course

The teaching was very good and I learned a lot from the school. the modules are good and it was very simple to understand all modules.

“QA” course

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When you register for Ecom School you will receive an email link, a username and password that will take you to the College’s academic social network. When you sign up for the network, you will receive a personal profile where you can update profile pictures, status and personal information. You can also can make friend requests to other graduates, be in direct contact and consult  with instructors, find out about our digital lesson schedule which updated daily! Get involved in our community!

Ecom School is a community social enterprise whose goal is to create a change of awareness with regard to learning methods using extraordinary creative methods, some of which are even registered as a worldwide patent! The urban classrooms, the social network, the support system and the close connection between the college and the students, even after they have graduated. Studying the professions of the future will give you the opportunity to generate extra salary in place or to get a job in the high-tech and digital industries as employees or to go it on your own with the close support of Ecom School.

Of course!  And not only that, but after you complete our digital course,  you can get our highly in-demand certification. You can also apply to do the course via LIVE STREAM  Webinar directly from from the urban classroom at the Tel Aviv branch.

Our digital courses and webinars are available on the College’s academic social network  WWW.DIGITALSCHOOL.UK to which you will have access after you enroll. When you feel ready you will be able to take our online test and when you pass your certificate will be sent to you, signed by the Ministry of Education and the head of the College, Dr. Meir Orenstein.

We have branches in XXX and XXX. and we have urban classrooms that are similar to “neighborhood cafes” scattered throughout the country. Ecom School’s  urban classrooms are an original concept registered as a worldwide patent. The purpose of the urban classroom is to create a change in teaching methods, casting aside old and tiring teaching methods … the urban classrooms provide a unique learning experience students and staff interacting throughout the courses and bringing the material alive. Experience shows that interacting with friends who share a common experience empowers improved results and learning together heightens the ability to assimilate new study materials.

The top companies want to see results and success in any and every field. As a student at Ecom School, you will very quickly come to understand what the top companies expect and exactly how you are going to meet those expectations.

Ecom School provides placement services immediately upon graduation!

Graduates of Ecom work everywhere around the world – in advertising, marketing and digital media management, including remote work.

Graduates of of our tech courses can pick and choose from tens of thousands of jobs in the start-up sector.

As entrepreneurs – you will be well armed with everything you have learned in our specialized and premium high-tech courses to be able to successfully implement your business ideas.

After graduating, you will have several options. The College provides job placement services  XXXX and also provides business consulting to help you set up your first Internet venture. Don’t forget, the College’s academic social network is also at your disposal. The network includes opportunity zones, forums, fully edited digital courses, live broadcasts (webinars). And, you also take advantage of the pleasant work environment offered morning to afternoon (network) by Ecom School in its urban classrooms across the country.

Ecom School is recognized by CISCO and the company’s signature appears on College certificates.

Recognized academic credits

The experience that you gain during our frontal courses and digital lessons will give you the tools to start working in the field by the time You graduate . 

The support network provided by our social network will help you overcome any digital challenge.

As freelance contractors providing digital media management services to  businesses and companies you can make between NIS 3,500 – 12,000 NIS a month – depending on the scope and range of services you provide.

As a salaried digital media manager / advertising and marketing department NIS  8,000 – NIS 20,000 a month – depends on the range of services you provide to the business.

As a high-tech employee, you can earn an income ranging from NIS 18,000 to 35,000 a month.

As an entrepreneur,  the sky’s the limit. With the tools you get from us, you can do anything you want.

Ecom School is recognized by CISCO and the company’s signature appears on College certificates.

Recognized academic credits

Nothing to worry about! You can take an unlimited number of lessons during the course or even after to complete missed hours. Of course, Ecom School’s academic social network is available to you all the time with digital lessons covering all  the material taught at every stage, and a variety of live support options with instructors, live broadcasts and forums. 

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