From social apps to Artificial Intelligence – 5 trends for the coming year that every marketing maven must know

The world of business can be very competitive and in order to stay in the running we have to keep our fingers on the pulse of modern technology and be familiar with the latest innovations. Below are five trends that you should be taking into account when you plan your marketing strategy.

  1. Respect the younger generation

The adults among us may remember life without the Internet, but for today’s teenagers – there is no such reality. Everything they do exists on the web, and as they grow into a significant consumer force, we as marketing professionals and social media managers must pay attention to them and make sure we are focused on them. Take, for example, TikTok, a video platform that has experienced crazy growth in recent years. With 500 million active users worldwide, the app ranks ninth in the social networking category and comes close to social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and of course YouTube.

What to do? If your product speaks to a young audience, start showing a presence on the right platforms and create relevant content to get yourself noticed.

  1. Think green

More and more people are adopting an environmentally conscious  lifestyle, which is much more than just avoiding meat. For example, people prefer to consume organic and non-polluting products, which on the one hand creates business-marketing potential and, on the other, forces us to refrain from actions that could be considered as ecologically damaging.

What to do? Try to be relevant to the discourse, no matter what product you sell. Support green agendas, make smart use of new media, and create content that promotes a green agenda.

  1. Talk about AI

The Artificial Intelligence industry is continuing to grow and will have a significant impact on the global economy in the coming years. Even minimal use of AI and algorithms can improve the user experience in almost all industries. Spotify, for example, uses artificial intelligence to personalize the listening experience by creating a customized playlist for users. It’s also about a change in customer service – virtual assistants are able to handle more tasks and facilitate the customer journey as they leverage machine learning to provide a better response and become more efficient over time.

What to do? Integrate artificial intelligence, become more efficient and faster and keep up. A chatbot is a good start.

  1. Connect with E-commerce

In the next few years, global e-commerce is expected to be worth $ 5 trillion, as reported by Statista. This figure is causing many retailers to invest in online stores, and rightly so because we are talking about a real gold mine.

What to do? Make sure you sell online  because that’s what customers expect and we don’t want to disappoint them or miss out on their money. It’s far less complicated than it sounds

  1. Invest in a clearing system

Can your customers get credit without human involvement? Well, that’s what they expect. They also expect fast mobile payment options, high security and fast access to their transactions at any time. This financial maze sounds like its meant for big businesses only, but if you think about yourselves – you will find that it is a sensitive and significant issue for all of us, and in 2020 we can not afford to ignore it.

What to do? Choose a smart, secure and easy to use clearing system that communicates with other digital assets and gives users a convenient, reliable, fast and relevant buying experience.

Feeling ready?

That’s right, the market is changing at a crazy pace and with it the options and ways to market our products, so it’s more important than ever to stay up-to-date, talk to customers, know their expectations of us and try to meet those expectations as far as possible, otherwise – they’ll just go to your competitors.

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