Watch out for Exciting Developments in the Web Design Front

With technology and digital advancement gaining ground, impact on web development is a natural outcome. New trends in web development and design are cropping up even as proven approaches and methodologies see a rise in popularity with wider acceptance and application. It is useful to keep abreast of things that are making news on that front.

Static and dynamic websites

Recent developments indicate that the future of websites is likely to move on from static web design to dynamic. With an exponential rise in the number of companies and enterprises opting for online presence and commissioning website development, it is, however, too early to predict who will rule the roost between static and dynamic websites. While a static website can be more cost-efficient with simple design and quick page loading, dynamic websites are more engaging and attractive leading to more web traffic generation.

RAIL and motion UI

The two most fascinating concepts that web development is looking forward to integrate in its approach are RAIL and motion UI. Although RAIL (Response Animation Idle Load) is not a new web design approach, the concept is gaining prominence as it advocates better user experience through less than one second load time of web pages and smooth UI performance. The user-centric approach is all set to get enhanced when motion UI is put into use. Web developers will be implementing animated graphical representation, hovers and more eye-catching animation design to take user experience from simple to intuitive.

VR and AR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are futuristic technologies that have already found various applications in technology today. The applicability of these concepts to web design and development is in line with the anticipation of how immersive experience can enhance user interaction with new-age websites. With conglomerates like Google, Microsoft and Samsung doing exemplary research and development in these fields, both VR and AR are set to reign in the arena of web development. These technologies are projected to corner a collective market share worth $215 billion within the next couple of years.

Blockchain technology

The rise and popularity of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies was the most fascinating event of the past few years. The arrival of blockchain technology is still somewhat new. The blockchain technology promises fast and secured data storage, data transfer, online transactions eliminating all intermediary processes. AS a result, integrating this technology will see a huge impact on websites of banks and financial organisations that require the assurances and guarantees of web security for their transactions.



AI and machine learning

Everyone is aware of how chatbots have recently made an appearance in the updated websites and is redefining user experience through quick and efficient services. Anyone keeping in touch with the new developments in website design and applications will be aware that chatbots are the exciting products of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These concepts are going to gain wider applications in the web development and design front in the coming times. Integrating AI and machine learning features and functionalities, which is still new in the domain today, is likely to become the norm.

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