Fascinating New-age Gaming Technologies that are Making Their Presence Felt

Who did not love playing games as they grew up? The gaming world has seen many changes from video games to computer games to mobile games to dedicated gaming gadgets and devices. With better technologies available, gaming and its target audience has also changed over the years. Today serious gamers are not restricted to any specific age group. Moreover, the wide range of gaming choices allow people with various preferences spend hours every day and week playing elaborate games of different styles on PCs, smartphones, Xboxes, etc. the face of the gaming industry is all set to transform with the new-age technologies providing state-of-the-art and futuristic features and functionalities.

Virtual Reality in gaming

VR or Virtual Reality technology can indeed provide the next level of gaming through a simulated reality of immersive experience in a three-dimensional setting. There are several benefits of VR applications to gaming that are prompting developers to create new content and adapting existing ones.

  • Opportunity to experience attractive and lifelike virtual objects making it feel real and appealing to serious gamers and occasional players alike
  • Real-time gaming is now possible with players getting the choice of entering a virtual simulated world with digital enhancements
  • Gameplay setting gets enhanced with cutting-edge technology

Interactive software and hardware used in VR devices have already created a niche among gamers worldwide who revel in the experience of controlling gameplay through body movement. The pace at which VR in gaming is growing incredibly fast. A look at the staggering statistics will illustrate. While the global revenues in VR gaming was $4.3 billion in 2015, it nearly doubled to $8.2 billion in 2017 and is set to see unprecedented growth in the next few years with projections indicating fourfold increase to 432.8 BY 2023.

Blockchain gaming technology

In comparison to VR, the concept of blockchain and its applications are new. The latest from this innovative technology is its implementation and integration with the gaming industry. This novel development in the fusion of two independent industries and creating the new blockchain gaming technology has multiple benefits.

  • The main tools that blockchain provides can be summarised as access to fast and encrypted payment networks, the ability for game developers to monetise their creative work and the existence of decentralised asset exchange capability.
  • Innovations in blockchain sustainability, as well as the creation of virtual assets, have been directly impacted by the introduction of blockchain-based games that provide both sustainability and fun.
  • The coining of the concept of non-fungible assets is a unique attribute of blockchain gaming. There has been an introduction of new smart contract standards to safeguard the authenticity of such assets and prevent game fraud.
  • New marketplaces like Wax, OpenSea, and Rare Bits have come up to allow gamers use of decentralised exchange of non-fungible assets in a P2P model. The market worth of exchanging such money-spinning in-game assets has been pegged at a stunning $50 billion even for legacy video games such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. For new blockchain-specific games like Cryptokitties, even though the game technology is in its early stages, the net worth can only grow from here on.

So, whether as a gamer or a game developer, there are opportunities and benefits of getting involved in the new-age gaming technologies like VR and blockchain. The excitement such games offer is palpable with a fascinating and rewarding experience, and it is worth keeping a lookout for more offerings in the future.

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