Dear brand, tell me a story

“There is nothing in the world more powerful than a good story.” Anyone who has made his way through eight seasons of “Game of Thrones” did so to hear that sentence, which puts a signature on what by 2020 is already a consensus; people are looking for a story.

Storytelling is a concept that has been popular in the marketing world for several years. But while once it was possible to build a brand and advertise it in a number of channels, today it seems that there is no other way but to build a brand narrative that will connect with customers. In 2020, every brand will have to go down the road of building and telling its story in the right way.

What makes a good brand story?

In her blog at Scribewise, Kaitlin Loyal defines the concept of storytelling:

“Brand Storytelling is using a narrative to connect your brand to customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share with your customers.”

She writes that a good story includes characters, setting, conflict, action, high points and good imagery. This story is the essence of your brand. The values of the brand are the character traits that define your company’s best side, in the professional and human sense.

Have you ever met someone without a story to tell? There is no such thing.

It’s the same with brands, businesses and companies. Everyone can develop a good brand story!

To help you, we’ve designed 6 questions to guide you on the way to creating a winning brand story:

  1. What is the reason why you exist?
  2. What is your history?
  3. Who are your main characters? What characterizes them?
  4. What is your joint mission?
  5. Yes – how did you fail once or twice along the way?
  6. What do you as a company deal with?

Remember, to build a good story, you need to transcend your products and services. You need to create something that your customers want to be a part of, and to show them that you accept them, and that they will get what they need.

Take Nike, for example. In 2019, Nike made a move that broke all records in the US and abroad. Nike’s most famous slogan – “Just Do It” is itself a story, because it has inspiration,challenge, and triumph hidden within those three words, which is why it’s so brilliant. This year, the super brand chose former football player Colin Kaepernick for its presenter – after he led widespread protests with players taking the knee during the U.S. anthem to protest police racism toward African-Americans. The selection sparked debate and controversy, and a wide public discourse.In the end, the gesture was warmly embraced by the public, thus Nike undoubtedly completely refreshed its mythical slogan, which now has a new name, face and value that represent it and to which people can connect.

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