Changing Face of Digital Technology to Take Innovation to New Heights

Digital technology is going through quantum leaps of evolution in recent times. Newer, cutting-edge innovations are coming up faster than ever before and trends that were exciting even a few years back have ceased to be a delight and become a norm nowadays. Better opportunities for people and businesses are opening with the latest technological marvels and the digital revolution is set to bring futuristic trends to the present of today.

  • 5G

The introduction of the 5th generation of mobile internet connectivity or 5G is perhaps one of the most awaited digital technology advancements in the coming years. Lightning quick speed and infinitesimally negligible lag time are the USP of 5G technology. In some countries and regions, it has already been rolled out although it is still in limited use and is expensive as it stands now. Better technological adaptability using modern technical knowhow is likely to propel 5G as the network of choice among the masses in the coming year.


  • AI-as-a-service

The concept and innovation of artificial intelligence or AI is still relatively new as it finds more and more applications. To enable the use of AI-based systems in various applications and fields, AI-as-a-service is set to take the digital world by the storm much as SaaS (software as a service) did years ago. AI-as-a-service platforms have a wide scope of applicability as research and development of these services by pioneers like Amazon or Google or Microsoft are being adapted and implemented in customisable services and applications.

  • Autonomous driving

When the concept of autonomous driving was first floated, it appeared to be a topic of science fiction. But recent developments have shown that this technology has real-world applications and is very much possible. Waymo, which is a sister company of Google, recently conducted a test run in California, and their autonomous taxis successfully transported more than 6000 passengers in the first month of trials. The applications of autonomous driving are, however, not restricted to automobiles alone and can be used in other transportation areas like trucking and shipping also. With evolving technology available in this area, autonomous driving is likely to hit the roads sooner rather than later.


  • Blockchain

Blockchain technology thrives on its philosophy of decentralisation that allows encryption and security for online transactions like never before. It is thus no wonder that as a digital technology innovation, blockchain stands out as a new trend all set to rock the world. What started as a novelty in the form of Bitcoin has revolutionised the world with the availability of various cryptocurrencies as more people are starting to appreciate and adopt this technology. Even social media giant Facebook is planning a foray into blockchain by starting their cryptocurrency Libra soon.


  • Predictive medicine

Personalisation in the field of healthcare is yet another way that the latest breakthroughs in digital technology can impact. As more people start using wearable devices that digitally record health data, technology can start analysing the data and predict preventive and curative approaches to tackle health issues and nip them in the bud. When the doctors of tomorrow start using the functionality of precision medicine using AI and genomics, there would not be anything to be surprised about.


One has to admit that with modern digital scenario evolving quickly, the world is going through a set of transformation to the better. Innovation is going to touch everyone’s life and create a lasting impression and a more rewarding experience of unprecedented technological advancement.


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